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What would idol do without ‘that’ announcer? Like the Bride and Groom, the contestants and judges are the real stars, but he can certainly make it flow, ad-lib when needed, twist at any turn and make it your day to happen!

Think of the Emcee as your 3rd element. Planners, photographers, catering directors are all looking after your best interest for months leading up to the wedding reception. But once it starts, your Emcee is your right and left arm that reaches across the entire room. Your Emcee becomes your pivot person, your ally; attentive to your needs, who will keep that flow going while inspiring your guest. 

A ‘Master of Ceremonies,’ a.k.a. Emcee, can be a critical part of your special day. That is, ‘if you have an Emcee.’ Many don’t realize it until it’s too late. You've been to other weddings and have seen it time and again, the DJ stationed at one spot most of the night behind his/her music. Though highly skilled, this truly limits their ability to fully interact.

Why An Emcee

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